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Why Wifi analytics and Wifi Marketing help you sell more

If you know your customers, what they need and want at each moment, it will be much easier to build loyalty and generate more engagement towards your brand. Find out how to achieve it thanks to Wifi analytics and Wifi Marketing.

You know that offering Wifi in your business is no longer a plus, but rather has become a must. Customers are looking for places that offer a quality Wifi connection in order to surf their favorite websites.

Now, if you provide this quality connection, they will should give you something in return, right? 😉 Thanks to Guest Wifi you can access contact information: email, telephone, etc. And you can get to know your customers a bit more: gender, age, zip code...

Thanks to the Wifi analytics, you can discover how your clients behave, gaining their loyalty. You will improve engagement towards your brand knowing how much time your customers spend at the store an you will generate a more faithful client and increase their loyalty knowing the return rate (how many are new and how are repeated).

Once you know them and you have managed to connect with them, it is time to offer them what they want at the right time. Why? Because we all know that a massive email is not effective (click rate is usually very low) But if that email comes at the appropriate time conversion rate will increase greatly. If you know the customer and you know what they need and want at all times and you offer it before your competitors you have many options of being the chosen one.

Advertising bothers and saturates us in equal parts, but it does not bother us to receive a discount for a product that we have being searching for and that really interests us.

Thanks to Wifi marketing nowadays it is possible to create hyper-segmented audiences by different demographic and behavioral data (gender, age, loyalty rate...) and, then, create a campaign and send it via email, sms or beacons. With Wifi marketing it's also possible to measure its impact.

A real Wifi Marketing use case

A bar in Betanzos (Galicia - Spain) has become really famous last month due to this initiative: The bar´s owners wanted to know how much time customers spend inside the bar to reward their loyalty. To measure this, they made all customers to sign in when they enter, in fact, they had to swipe their fingers through a machine that reads the fingerprint at the entrance and exit, as if they worked in the bar. In this way, the owners of the establishment know how much time each client spends inside the bar and thus can reward their loyalty.

Hospitality sector is increasingly interested in measuring. Through the Wi-Fi analytics, and without the need to install a clocking machine ;) Flame is able to measure the length of stay of customers within the points of sale and their loyalty. In addition, our solution, through the marketing module, sends personalized notifications to customers.

By: Lucía González, Marketing manager Flame analytics

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