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Sustainable Project Management: SPM-TEAM

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Mission Statement

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is vital component of corporate responsibility, which dictates sustainable corporate governance. The real driver of BCP is what we include in Comprehensive Strategic Planning.  CSP focuses on being proactive of operational risks such as faulty board governance, supply chain failure, succession planning, target market analysis, as well as proactive tangible disaster preparedness.

We work one on one with decision makers to review strategic directions, to restructure communications, as well as retrain.

External Influences Focus - Vertical and Horizontal:

Formulating policy for corporate responsibility.

Benchmarking with other organizations.

Training along the company supply chain.
Operational risk management plans.

Vezta-Triumph uses the TEAM™ model for Comprehensive Strategic Planning (CSP) and Sustainable Project Management (SPM) services. 

Vezta Co. helps rebuild harmonious structures in business, physical and human infrastructure via comprehensive strategic planning and sustainable project management.

Community Resources

T: Our first objective is to identify the need for Technology and systemic changes in our clients’ institutions.

E: Our company wide  and project wide training process fully comprises Education of corporate social responsibility, where all levels of management, from Board to entry level, have a voice.

A: It is crucial to have oversight and Advisory help, long after the handover of a project, long after company wide training is complete.

M: Innovation ensures longevity in business. Our clients are Models of innovation, acting as case studies and hubs of training for industry peers. Learning and sharing is sound corporate responsibility.

Project sustainability must be attended to from the Inception project phase to ensure:

·  The project idea and development are structured to comprise sound best practice.
·  The actual project is executed in the most sustainable fashion.

We prefer the Agile PM model for Sustainable Project Management, where we applaud client participation, sponsorship and ownership at every phase of the Project Cycle, with added emphasis on risk management, capitalization and stakeholder engagement.

Corporate responsibility and stakeholders:
Internal and external stakeholders.
Responsibility to various stakeholder groups.
Interest and influence of various stakeholder groups.
Issues of ethical conduct and the application of principles of corporate citizenship.



Comprehensive Strategic Planning: CSP-TEAM